Will This Change?

Why do our families not accept us for who we are?” Discrimination towards Hijras/gays pushes them out of school and their own homes. People make fun of Hijras/gays and society denies Hijras basic life related choices like housing and job. The marginalized Hijra/ gay community of Bangladesh share their pain, joy and life in this film that asks ‘Will this change?

Trailer with English subtitles.

2014 – 27 min – documentary
Directed by: Anurupa Prakash, Lok Prakash
Language: Bengali
Subtitles: English
Format: HD

About the director

Anurupa Prakash is a young filmmaker and producer, based in Delhi (Teg Productions). She learnt filmmaking as an art on the fields and not through schools. She believes that humanity can progress better if everyone learns to accept people the way they are! She practices Hindustani Classical Vocals and enjoys being in tune with music!