Based on the story written by the renowned writer and novelist Vijay Tendulkar, Mitraa is a short film about a strong girl with a different sexual orientation. Set in mid 1940s, her behaviour and feelings are looked down upon as unnatural by the society around her. The film concludes with India finally gaining Independence, however the LGBT community is still struggling to find their space even after more than 60 years of a free India.

Trailer with English subtitles.

2014 – 35 min – short
Directed by: Ravi Jadhav
Language: Marathi
Subtitles: English
Format: HD

About the director

Ravi Jadhav was born in Mumbai where he also studied Visual Communications and Graphic Design at Sir J. J. School Of Art. He was associated with a leading advertising agency for several years as a Creative Director. His career in the film industry fully started in 2010, with the much acclaimed film ‘Natrang’, which he directed and also wrote the screenplay, soon followed by the equally popular ‘Balgandharva’. His quest for experimental subjects and the impact that they bring upon society led him to the now cult film titled ‘BP’, a slang term used in India to describe pornography, where he deals with this unconventional topic in a beautiful and sensitive way. The unique subjects of his films and Ravi’s very own self-created style of storytelling earned him 5 National Awards till date.