Independent India - addicted to Bolywood
5th annual

Bollywood Party

Bollywood dance meets roma culture, meets belly dance, meets classical Indian dance style. An eclectic performance featuring Bolly natyam, their guests Romani dance troupe Čhinger-Phager, dancer Berrak Yedek, Anezka Hessova ) and others. Not to be missed!

More information about Čhinger-Phager:
Dance troupe Čhinger-Phager was founded two years ago. Four dancers, two male and two female, specialize in traditional romani dances. Romani dance has no fixed rules and performances are spontaneous. The troupe mixes traditional dance creations of Hungarian, Russian and even Romanian roma peoples. When translated Čhinger-Phager means “tear and destroy”. This is a folk invitation to dance understood as “show me what’s inside you”.

More information about Bolly natyam:
Bolly natyam was formed in 2005 by 3 dancers of oriental and latin styles after intensive workshops of Indian classical and bollywood dance with Sangita. The group consists of 3 female dancers and has been participating at Indian Embassy Events and celebrations, festivals and private or public parties as well. Sangita Shresthova – professional dancer and academic specialist of Indian dance born in Nepal - leads bolly natyam group on professional level. She is also the choreographer of all pieces of this group that are based on folkloric and classical dance forms from India. bolly natyam is experimenting with many Indian forms including bharata natyam classical dance and kalarippayattu ancient martial art of Kerala.

More Information about Berrak Yedek
Berrak Yedek was born in Istanbul. At the age of five, she started dancing and learning music in Germany. Then she traveled and lived in Turkey, in Saudi Arabia, in Russia, in England and in France. She studied dancing with ballet masters at the Royal Academy of Dancing in London, then at the Istanbul Conservatory. She had broaden her experience in England with the Rambert Ballet and the Northern Ballet Theatre, as well as with Vakil Usmanov at the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow. In 1992, she came back to Turkey to study at the University of Bogazici in Istanbul and started dancing with the Contemporary Ballet of Istanbul. Two years later she started Kumpanya Bale Türk, her own ballet group. In three years, she created 11 productions for her group. As a teacher in two dance Academies of Istanbul, she taught classical and contemporary ballet and dancing improvisation. She has been living in Paris since 1999. As a choreographer and an actress, she has been working with Compagnie Errance for Yerma, by F. G. Lorca. In 2003, she worked as a dancer again in the framework of the productions of Teatri del Vento, Opera de St. Etienne. In co-operation with nomades461 productions, she created her own creations: "Ensemble", ”Masal”. For nomades Laboratory, she is the artistic director in charge of dancing and runs improvisation workshops for amateur and professional musicians, dancers and actors in France, CZ and in Turkey. Since May 2005 Berrak lives in Prague and works as a teacher for modern dance in the Duncan Center Conservatory.