Independent India - addicted to Bolywood
5th annual

Festival Organizers

A group of people and friends who believe they have a right, or perhaps the privilege, to roam the world in general and rub shoulders with heroes on Bollywood's silver screen in particular.

Sangita: ( Half dancer- half choreographer, half Nepali- half Czech, sometimes in Europe -other times in the US; but full time for Bollywood and Mumbai. Favorite Film: Mughal-e-Azam

Hanka: Graduated with a degree in Indology for Charles University in Prague, is a lead singer in Ejhle, organizer of the pre-first year festival in a private club, the guardian of our website. Her secret love ten years ago: Shah Rukh Khan. Favorite Film: Taal

Radim: ( film and television director, most happy when journeying through India, hungers for idlis and masala dosas, and dreams of a career in Bollywood. Favorite film: Dil Chahta Hai