Shadow puppet theater for children

30. 9. 2014
Take your children to the festival :) On Saturday 25th the theater Toymachine will present its shadow play 1000 + 1 NIGHT at 15:00 in the Small hall of cinema Svetozor. The show is accessible to non-Czech speaking children from 3 years of age. It is followed by a workshop at the Bollywood Mela.


Opening night / October 22nd at cinema Lucerna

This year’s program offers a wide variety of great flicks, one of the films especially worth noticing is the 1975most famous, most cited, and for many best Bollywood film of all time -Sholay. The restored 3D version with added digital effects was conceived 39 years after its original premiere, and it will officially kick start the whole festival at cinema Lucerna on Wednesday October 22nd at 7pm.

Children of Bollywood

This year’s festival theme came naturally, as children and childhood are somehow the topic of most films that compose this year’s program – the unhappy love story of a boy from a low caste (Fandry), a childhood trauma, which leads a young man to a life of crime (Dhoom 3), the chase after a gang trafficking in teenage girls (Mardaani), or the moving story of a dyslexic boy and his empathetic teacher (Taara Zameen Par). The choice is yours.

Program disclosed!

The new festival website is online! Check out the entire program, the Bollywood Mela or the exhibition, with more coming soon -