Seventeen years is a particular age. You might have your ID (in the Czech Republic at least) but they still don’t sell you beer. They might let you watch an adults movie but you still have a year to wait before you can drive a car. It’s the last year without that huge responsibility called adulthood but you are already fully responsible for your own life. On top of this there are conflicts with the parents, school exams, first loves, first disappointments…

Do not worry: despite its age, our festival is not in such situation, but all these aspects of life our covered by the movies that you will be able to find at the parade of Indian cinematography that our festival brings you. And much more! Most of the movies in this year’s offer had their premiere in 2019 and the program could not be more diverse in terms of genre: thrillers, historical dramas, comedy, romance, short Queer themed movies, the modern story of young hip-hoppers… a lot to choose from.

Due to the recent anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth, we will screen the famous 1982 movie Gandhi, winner of 8 Oscars.

We are looking forward to seeing you and enjoying this 17th edition of the festival together!