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20 years on stage!

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klub P.M.
14.10.2023 / 21:00



It sounds unbelievable, we're a bit puzzled ourselves, but it's true - the Indian Film Festival has reached its 20th year! It started in 2003 as the Bollywood Film Festival with modest screenings for a few dozen enthusiasts at Prague's FAMU and NoD Club. A year later, it moved to the real Aero cinema and in 2005 it took up permanent residence in the center, in the newly renovated Světozor cinema. Three years later, the legendary Sandokan, the famous Indian actor Kabir Bedi, visited our festival and triggered an avalanche of interest that we never expected.

Over the past nineteen years, we have screened dozens of films not only from Bollywood, but also from other regions of India (Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Karnataka, and Kerala), and we have offered films from Nepal and even Pakistan. Films both vintage and brand new, in black and white and color, and even one in 3D. There were countless genres on screen, from the typical box office blockbusters to art films, and timeless classics. We saw experimental, student, animation, queer, and documentary films. Also, several debates with filmmakers or film theorists took place. We always enjoyed some Indian food, and some years we even had a Bollywood fair, but a particularly real tradition was made of our dance party, from which we left many times at dawn.

But just as there is much to remember, we must also look forward. We no longer offer exclusives that can't be seen elsewhere, we are competing with distribution companies that show the biggest blockbusters for a few days in the cinema, but mainly online platforms that spew out countless films and especially series until it's impossible to keep up with. That's why we're glad that you have stayed with us even in this day and age, appreciating a great film projected on the screen with top technology and coming to meet up with your friends or just to soak up the atmosphere.

This year, we've once again selected a masala - or a diverse mix of the most interesting work that has been produced in major and independent studios across India in the last year or two. Check out the program and save the date – the party is on Saturday, October 14th after a long time again at P.M. Club. Come and have fun, find something (or someone) new, and enjoy a good time that will soon become a memory, once again ...

We look forward to seeing you! This year's celebration is going to be big!




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