Sunday, October 14th  20:30 – Small hall of the cinema Světozor                               

A District Collector in India deals with water shortage problems in a village and she comes to realize that people are suffering about that a lot. The story of the film revolves around the little girl who fell into a deep borewell. How government will give support to save the child? What happens if the goverment failed to save the child? We see the officer Madhivadhani starts questionning the role of her superiors because of this incident. She empathises with the people when the entire official machinery is ready to consider the impending death of the child as a mere statistic. The film’s director, Gopi Nainar, is interested in a hard-hitting socio-political commentary, which makes this film a ‘Message movie’ with capital M, but Aramm wears this tag proudly on its sleeves.

2017 – 119 min – drama
language: Tamil
subtitles: English
directed by: Gopi Nainar
cast: Nayanthara, Ramachandran Durairaj