6th - 9th October 2011Cinemas Svetozor and Evald, Prague

Miyar House

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SVĚTOZOR – small hall
Saturday, October 8th 15:30

 The fi lmmaker‘s 200 year old ancestral house in a remote village of Miyar in Karnataka, South India is dismantled, giving an opportunity for him to undertake a journey into a past that he shares not only with his extended family, but also with successive generations of India‘s rural population. A realization of the inevitability of a transition marks this journey that could well be the journey of a country that has propelled itself into modernity.

Indie – 2011 – DVD – 78 min.
genre: documentary
directed by: Ramchandra PN
English, Kannada language + English subtitles

This film is part of the program curated by Karan Bali, fi lmmaker and co-founder of Upperstall.com

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